SAP Remote Access

To make ongoing SAP training more available than ever, SAPTech Consultants are providing training with availability of online SAP access. We've designed this to provide all levels of users with the hands-on access they require to acquire SAP Online practise. You can conveniently access the SAP environment from the comfort of your home at your own schedule, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Since the software can be configured in so many different ways, system engineers at SAP have prepared a demo system to show what a typical implementation should look like. IDES (Internet Demo and Education System) has sample company already configured.

Minimum Requirement

SAP Software uses TCP/IP as network communication protocol making it easier to access the SAP software over LAN as well as WAN. Although SAP has developed SAP GUI (Graphical User Interface) for almost all operating systems, if you don't have GUI then we will give link for download GUI. A minimum of 512 RAM is recommended and at least 3 GB of Hard Drive space. These are a little exaggerated from the actual requirements, but we have found these values to be more practical.

SAP IDES Access SAP IDES (Internet Demo and Educational System) are fully functional regular SAP Systems that come pre-configured by SAP to show how ideal implementations should look like. SAP has IDES developed for a lot of its products, e.g. APO IDES, CRM IDES, BW IDES, etc.

Above all, IDES shows you the possibilities of the integrated applications in the SAP System. IDES cover all aspects of a business enterprise, including Human Resources, Financial Accounting, Product Cost Planning, Overhead Management, Profitability Analysis, Planning, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production, and much, much more. IDES have also integrated document administration and third-party CAD systems within the IDES system. This means that you can call up and display external documents, or access CAD drawings.

SAP IDES is a normal SAP software but with lots of DEMO data. SAP IDES – the "Internet Demonstration and Educational System" in the SAP System, represents a model company. It consists of an international group with subsidiaries in several countries. IDES contain application data for various business scenarios that can be run in the SAP System.

             MOST DISCUSSED

  • Account activated immediately after payment
  • Unlock / Password reset your user id in real time from website. No need to wait or submit ticket anymore
  • Free Developer access key all SAP Modules
  • Multi-Language Support all SAP modules
  • Licensed and Legal SAP Server Access
  • During the first five days if you are unhappy, you will get a full refund
  • Full access Except Basis Work.
  • Server UP for access 24 X 7 X 360 days
  • Guaranteed resolution to any ticket opened within 24 hours
  • We will provide IPAD, MAC OS & Windows GUI with Guide for access
  • Invoiced Auto generate on website after subscribe


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