Work process and data management

SAP HCM module enhances the work process and data management within HR department of enterprises. Right from hiring a person to evaluating one’s performance, managing promotions, compensations, handling payroll and other related activities of an HR is processed using this module. The task of managing the details and task flow of the most important resource i.e. human resource is managed using this SAP ERP HCM module.These are some of the most important SAP deployment modules that develop software for efficient work in enterprises.

  1. Configuring an Organizational Structure
  2. Configuring Positions
  3. Executing a Personnel Action
  4. Establishing the Enterprise Structure
  5. Additional Organisational Assignments
  6. Using Features
  7. Understanding Planned Working
  8. Time Connection to Basic Pay
  9. Defining Pay scale Structures
  10. Defining Wage Types
  11. Payroll GB Specific