Managing financial transactions

SAP FI module as the term suggests deals in managing financial transactions within enterprises.This financial accounting module helps employees to manage data involved in any financial and business transactions in a unified system. This module functions very well for reporting requirements. The SAP FI module is very flexible and is functions well in any type of economic situation. Be it a smaller organization or a larger organization, SAP implementation helps in consolidating data for diverse business transactions and legal requirements. Financial Accounting module helps one to get real-time financial position of an enterprise in the market. SAP FI incorporates with other SAP modules such as SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP PP, Payroll and more for better work results.

  1. Introduction
  2. Organizational Structure
  3. Financial accounting global settings
  4. General ledger accounting
  5. Accounts Receivable
  6. Accounts payable
  7. Bank Accounts
  8. Tax
  9. Foreign currency
  10. Asset Accounting
  11. New GL Accounts
  12. Closing down procedures and Reports with Information System


  1. General Controlling
  2. Cost Element Accounting
  3. Cost center accounting
  4. Profit Center Accounting